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If you're bored, looking for something to do, or maybe just have a few minutes free in your busy day but you're not sure what to do with them, you're in the right place! That's exactly how long it takes to read a short story on Scribbler's Book! Hope you will enjoy your stay here!

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To anyone who it concerns: I'm hesitant to say that due to various financial and other reasons, I cannot continue to write these stories at the current time, or continue updating this site. I will be working to resolve these issues, but I don't yet know when and how they will be fixed. I will post an update as soon as I know anything.

Until then, the site will stay up so you can still read the stories, at least until further notice. I hope this won't be long, but I can't know in advance.

Thank you for understanding.

This decision have been a long time coming. I've been thinking about it for a while, but nowadays I'm getting rather busy. There are several reasons for that. For one, I need to seriously start thinking about how to make a living. Secondly, I'm going to get especially busy if I get accepted to college. There's still an entire summer until then, but I would like to get into a comfortable rhythm before I'm forced into one.

There's also the issue that I would like to slowly start translating my stories into my own language, because I've been having a lot of people telling me that they would like to read them but don't know any english. I'm probably going to put those on this site as well, on a separate menu option. I'll need to think about that.

The bottom line is that I feel like I won't be able to keep providing stories twice a week while still keeping a decent quality. Instead, I'm lowering my output to one short story a week, on Mondays, so I have enough time to think through what I actually want to write and how, and I have the weekend to finish it up and provide something of decent quality.

I hope that's okay for whoever is reading me. I know there are at least a dozen of you out there!

Thank you for reading, and have fun!

It's been a while since I last wrote an update, so I guess it's time!

Regular readers may have noticed that some of my short stories that I upload here seem to tie together into a bigger storyline. I did not originally plan this, but it's an experimental thing that I'm trying to do now. One of the most prevalent such stories is about the Oakfall Tragedy, as quite a few short stories seem to discuss the subject, revealing more and more details about it!

The reason I'm writing this update is because I'd like to know how much people like these kind of mysterious story pieces. If I get enough positive feedback, I may consider doing more of it, in more detail and with more planning. In fact, there are already a couple mystery stories like this in the works, but I don't want to get too carried away with it before I know that it's something people actually enjoy. To share your opinions, feel free to write me a message through e-mail, or just use the forum! I welcome any criticism anyone has.

Thank you for reading, and have fun!

Today's story means the milestone of 300 uploaded stories total! The website started a bit over a year ago, and even though I worked to fill it up with my writing quickly, I didn't expect this many so quickly. Hopefully you will all enjoy at least a couple of them!

Thank you for reading, and have fun!

Scribbler's Book has just reached 100 stories! I hope everyone will be able to find at least a couple that are to their liking! Don't be afraid to share criticism so I can listen and get better. You can use the forum, send me an e-mail, or use the Facebook page to leave a message!

Thank you for reading, and have fun!


Scribbler's Book has had a forum from the very beginning, however it's not been very utilized by anyone so far. In the past few days it's also came under heavy spam by bots, so I decided to take the forum offline for the time being until I figure a better way to handle it. Until then, in case anyone wants to contact me, I'd advise to use Scribbler's Book's facebook page, either as a comment under a shared story, or just as a message to me.

Thank you for reading, and have fun!

Good day to you! I wanted to write a quick update on the fact that Scribbler's Book just had its 50th story uploaded! I'm very happy that people are visiting the site and reading them! However I've been getting questions that all go something like this:

"Have you written all of these yourself?"

To clarify: This site is not a collection of various writers' stories. They are all written by me.

Which is one reason why I hope you will enjoy them! Thanks for reading, and have fun!

I have some news. Whether they're good news or bad news, I'll let everyone decide for themselves, though the first one is probably undoubtedly bad news, and I'm sorry for that in advance.

I've been unemployed for a little less than a year, pretty much since I started this website. For nearly a year I've been uploading stories every single day because for one I enjoy it, and two because I wanted to create a sort of portfolio of my writing skills (how that turned out, I'll let you decide). However, my reserves are running low, and so I yet again have to look for a job like a proper citizen. This sadly means that I will no longer have the time to write each and every day. For this reason, starting 17th August (next Monday) I'll be uploading only two stories per week: one on Monday and one on Friday. I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone too much, but it's a necessary sacrifice I have to make until I can get my life in balance again.

On that note, following the advice of a friend of mine I created a Patreon page for Scribbler's Book. It's a website for creative people to be supported through their fans, and I thought, why not? If I can get enough support, I could start writing more again. Feel free to have a look! You can also find the link under "Contacts".

That's all I wanted to say right now. It's quite a few changes, but that's life. Thank you for reading, and have fun!

Happy New Year to you!

It's 2015 now, the new year, a chance for everyone to get a fresh start! I hope all of you had a great time during the holidays because it's back to the real world now, however saddening that may be. Cheer up though!

The first story of the year is already up! I'm not planning to stop updating daily anytime soon, and hopefully I won't have to. Here's to a happy 2015! Thanks for reading, and have fun!

With today's story, Scribbler's Book now has 200 writings to choose from! Hopefully everyone can find their favorites! Don't be afraid to tell me if you do so! I'm always listening.

Thank you for reading, and have fun!

Merry Christmas to all, and happy holidays!

I was so busy among all the holiday cheer and activities that I completely forgot to wish you all a Merry Christmas yesterday. Well, better late than never! I hope everyone had a splendid holiday.

Thanks for reading, and have fun!